Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A good home for kids pants

I was trying to get through perusing my link ups this morning when the phone rang.

"Hi, Mrs. H. This is the school nurse." (my heart stopped beating).

"Can you bring J a change of clothes? He had an accident." (deep exhale!)

She's been down this road a time or twelve and said those in the right order. If she'd said "accident" before "change of clothes" I might have started to panic.

I ran upstairs, grabbed him a change then sprinted for the school a few blocks away.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I was tired so I napped

A friend once said she took a nap because she loved her family so much she did not want to subject them to her grouchiness when she was tired.

I used to say I napped in "self defense". When you spawn a child that doesn't sleep you do what you gotta do to stay functional.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

2 Easy Upcycled Halloween Projects

When I saw these two projects on Pinterest I knew I had to make them because they are cute and FREE!

easy upcycled halloween decorations

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday in my yard

The weather was finally cool enough to spend some time outside, so we made the most of it.

I snapped these flower photos for the Bloggers Get Social Photo A Day Prompt "flowers".

lovely little lavender blossom.

lily in the pond

Zauschneria californica - one of the California native plants.

My son kept himself occupied...

with a mud puddle...

"Princess Peach, stay away from my mud puddle."
No worries, Mario, no worries.

Not sure why he gave himself a mud facial.

Oh well, little boys, and their clothes, are washable. ha ha ha!

Friday, October 10, 2014

How did free just cost me $45?

My mother picked these up from the lobby in her apartment complex.

People are always leaving stuff like fabric, books, magazines even canned goods for others to take and make use of. Since she doesn't sew anymore she gave them to me. There are a few others too, but I have immediate plans for these three.

Of course, I didn't have everything I needed to make them. So, I made a Mommy Playdate with my friend Mary at Mary Made It Sewing and off to Hobby Lobby we went once the husbands and kids were at school (yes, we are both married to teachers). We had plenty of time to catch up in the car and while we waited for the fabric to get cut and then again at the checkout line. Both were painfully slow, but still not as bad as our local Joann Fabric.

I got what I needed to make these except for the poly beads that I just plain forgot to look for:

And of course I had to peek in the remnant bin and then I wandered over to the clearance aisle while she was getting her fabric cut.

No idea what I am going to make with these.
How could I resist a cute candy cane remnant, shimmer metallic spray paint ($3), Mario Duck Tape ($5) and glass Christmas ornaments ($2.50 a box with one broken in each box)?!

Plus some candy at the counter and those free projects cost me $45!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The hardest and most important part of parenting

Being a parent can be downright unpleasant at times. From pregnancy and child birth, to diaper changes and sleepless nights, to cleaning up vomit and other gross messes.

But for me, the most unpleasant is having to punish my son.

I guess I should say "give him negative consequences for his behavior". We don't hit or use other physical forms of correction. But, if you don't mind I am going to use punishment for the rest of this blog because it is shorter to type.

On Monday, J's teacher stopped me after class to tell me he finished the day with his clip "on yellow" because he was disruptive and dancing around in class instead of paying attention. 

Not in this house!

In a family of teachers, being a disruption in class is one of the worst "crimes" possible. We know first hand how hard the job is even without one student making it difficult.

The first challenge with J is making sure he understood that his teacher wasn't happy with his behavior and if he knew why she wasn't happy. He still struggles with reading other people's emotions and figuring out why they might feel that way.

Then I got to be Judge, Jury and Executioner. On the walk home I had to run through my list of crime versus punishment scenarios to figure out what would be fair for in this case, because I don't have a copy of the Perfect Parent Handbook. You know, the manual that tells you exactly what to do in every instance of your child's life so they turn out to be perfectly healthy model citizens. I must have left mine at the hospital when we brought J home six years ago. Does anyone have a copy I can borrow?

I made him apologize on the spot to his teacher. And at least he was able to do that and seemed to know why he was in trouble.

When we got home he had to get his Ninja Turtle toys and take them to the office, send a text to Daddy telling him what happened and sign a behavior contract promising to follow rules and eat his snack and lunch at school (another issue we have been having). Losing his toys and disappointing his Dad are huge for him.

I caught him in the office playing with the toys at one point. When I sent him out of the room and closed the door I think it finally sunk in that I meant business.

We debated with more, but like all parents we had to decide if it was just because we were angry or if his behavior really warranted it. Ultimately, we decided it was a first offense (this year anyway) and he would have one chance to prove himself again before more punishment is meted out.

This morning he told me "If I am good at school today I get my turtles and blimp back and I get pepperoni pizza for snack." ha ha! So I guess he knows what we expect. Now we will see if he actually does it.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Neighbor Humor

I am trying really hard to be patient with my neighbor and accept that we just have different ways of doing things:

  • J is an early riser so we go to bed early. They play Ring Around the Rosy with their 4 year old grandchild at the top of their lungs on the front lawn at 9:00 pm.
  • I love gardening as you can see from some of my photos. The only grass they seem to be able to grow is the illegal kind I smell wafting over the fence, their front and back lawns are dirt patches with a few weeds.

I wrote an entire blog continuing in this vein last week and luckily lost it before I could publish it. 

I need to stop this line of thinking, because they aren't changing and they aren't moving. I can only control my reaction. 

So, it is time to laugh about it. 

Especially since I am starting to sound like Rat (shudder).