Saturday, December 29, 2012

To theme or not to theme

Well, I have been giving this NaBloPoMo thing a try and I guess if I am going to keep it up I should probably get a little more organized and have some themes for every day so I can order my thoughts a little better. A method to my madness. Actually this blogging daily thing is helping me stay sane, even through the holidays when I normally freak out.

So off the top of my head here are some possible daily topics:

other mindless entertainment
food and cooking (on
things that make me laugh
things that inspire me
things that annoy me
current events

and I will definately want a catch all "whatever I am in the mood for" day.

Do you have daily themes? Does it help you, or do you feel constricted? Am I overthinking this?


  1. I have gone with themes and without them. I find that knowing what my focus is helps. Yours seems to be similar, it is about you and your likes, which is my favorite type. My current take is that I have set topic days, Like my Work in Progress Wednesdays, and other days that vary as I see fit.
    I tried having daily themes everyday and it started seeming like work. I have opted for having some set days and they I have been trying to narrow in on a list of categories. I review them and try and tighten them from time to time.
    Personally I find myself over thinking my blog quite often. I try and make it productive and try and let go of it when it does not work.

  2. I used to post a quote on Fridays and then write about how the quote made me feel. It's helpful to have a theme for one or two days a week, but as Rennata says, after a while it feels like work. I like to just write whatever pops into my head when I sit down in front of the computer, and I've rarely come up empty. I like others' Wordless Wednesdays, but I post a photo in a separate post every day (for a photo a day project), so I won't be adopting that one.

  3. Thanks, ladies. I was thinking the "assignment" a day could get tedious sometimes. Like the current theme on BlogHer - work. Uh, I am a stay at home mom, so every day and everything I do is work. Of course working moms get to go to work and come home to their second job. But that's a hole 'nother topic.

  4. I enjoy reading what you write. I think if you need to have themes to be inspired then you could give it a try, or many write an outline of topics you want to write about and then write what you are feeling It is hard if it becomes "work". I blog about whatever I am creating at the moment so for me I do the creating and then write about them. Different type of blogging I guess. Have a Happy New Year!!

  5. This post is wonderful and I too struggle with knowing how to organize myself to try and blog everyday. And this is crazy, I have 6 different blogs set up, though I only write in two of them - for now! And in fact I just set up another one for a project blog. I am learning to play the banjo and thought I would write about that experience. I got the idea from another blogger to post on one particular day each week for the year, instead of the 365 day challenge. It is a 52 week challenge, posting each Wednesday after my lesson. Meanwhile, I love reading your blog. I like the idea of things that inspire, annoy and make you laugh, or quirky things that people do. Happy New Year and looking forward to reading more from you.