Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pond side find

I've spent the past few days home with a kid that had the sniffles that somehow turned into pink eye. Or at least it looked like it could have been pink eye - what do I know. So, today I could rant about how annoying it is to keep a kid home that is contagious but not really "sick" or go with another picture post from my garden. 

I went outside to water my vegetables which are next to the pond and noticed I had four beautiful pink lilies in bloom so I ducked back inside to get my camera. 

Ooooh aren't they pretty?

Then this little beauty climbed up on a rock nearby to catch some rays.

Look at those pretty blue markings!

From the pictures on California Herps, I think it might be a Sceloporus of some kind. Maybe I will send them the picture. It was so peaceful I didn't want to try to catch it and flip it over for more identification (translation, I am old and slow and it probably would have taken off the moment I tried).

Hope it hangs around catching lots of icky bugs creeping and crawling around. If only it ate snails, I would build it a little lizard condo overlooking the pond and bring it lizard margaritas in tiny little cups with umbrellas in them. Have I mentioned I HATE snails!

And in case you missed it, I am having a fun little giveaway to celebrate my 100th blog, deadline is tomorrow


  1. If lizards ate slugs I would buy your lizard condo plans and build one here in WV! Nice photos, the lilies are beautiful!

  2. What a lovely pond you have! Those flowers are just beautiful. I think at first sight I would freak out at the lizard, but if he eats CRICKETS I may have to get one. For some reason those things love to hop into my basement and freak the living crap out of me (I am sure it is the jumping...)

  3. Thanks, ladies. I hate slugs and crickets too! I haven't seen the lizard in the last two days otherwise I'd ask if he/she wants to do some travelling.